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Dot Gov Dot
Al Gore claims "I took the initiative in creating the Internet," but mixed up Web addressing. An August 8, 1996 story by Bob Schieffer on the CBS Evening News shows Bill Clinton and Gore looking over the shoulders of school kids who appear to be surfing the Web. Clinton asks Gore: "What's our e-mail address, Al? You know that?" Gore replies with a Web address: "Yeah, w, w, w, dot White House." Gore pauses and an aide pipes up "dot gov," prompting Gore to add an erroneous extra "dot" as he instructs the student to enter "dot gov dot."

Who are these people?
During January 17, 1993 pre-Inaugural tour of Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home, shown live by C-SPAN, Al Gore asks of busts of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Marquis de Lafayette: "Who are these people?" Also along on the tour: wife Tipper as well as Bill and Hillary Clinton. for more details

Tobacco Al
CNN dug out classic video of Gore boasting in 1988 about tobacco: "I've put it in the plant beds and transferred it. I've hoed it. I've suckered it. I've sprayed it." for more details

Anti-Tobacco Al
On August 28, 1996 every network carried Al Gore's speech to the Democratic convention in Chicago, which dwelled on the tragic story of his sister Nancy's 1984 death from smoking. He tremulously pledged: "Until I draw my last breath, I will pour my heart and soul into the cause of protecting our children from the dangers of smoking." for more details

I Created the Internet
"I took the initiative in creating the Internet," Al Gore preposterously claimed on the March 9, 1999 Late Edition/PrimeTime, but that didn’t faze CNN’s Wolf Blitzer who just kept tossing softball questions. for more details

I'm a really big fan
Singer Courtney Love recounted on the May 20, 1999 Late Show with David Letterman how at a Democratic fundraiser in Hollywood Al Gore told her "I'm a really big fan of yours." When she asked him to name one of her songs, she relayed how "he couldn't do it, he couldn't do it!" Disney's Mr. provides this profile of the singer Gore said he enjoyed: "Her on-stage antics have included at one time or another cutting herself, berating her audience, performing simulated fellatio on fans, and stage-diving into the mosh pit where fans have torn off all of her clothes. She usually performs extremely drunk, although some say it's just part of her act. She has assaulted fans, and she once attacked Katherine Hanna of Bikini Kill. As a result, Love was subjected to a court order to refrain from violence and attend anger-management classes."

Simply Wrong
NBC’s Tom Brokaw declared as "simply wrong" Al Gore’s claim that 18 to 20 year-olds can buy a handgun, but Dan Rather made it sound like a partisan political dispute: "You may want to note that critics say Gore misspoke himself today." for more details

Greatest President
Gore now called Clinton’s behavior "inexcusable," but Gore once boasted: "I feel extremely privileged to have been able to serve with him as his partner for the past six years....America’s great President, Bill Clinton." for more details

Source: Media Research Center


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Gore's father, Sen. Al Gore Sr., voted against the historic 1964 Civil Rights Act
Dot Gov Dot
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