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Quotes About Al Gore:

“Please get your facts straight. If you want to be president of the United States, you better start by being accurate.”
- Michael Dukakis to Al Gore (1988 Democratic Presidential Debate, 2/18/88)

Tired of enduring Al Gore’s endless misrepresentation of the truth during the 2000 Democratic primary, in December, candidate Bill Bradley’s campaign issued a pamphlet dealing with Gore’s inability to tell the truth:

“The [Bradley] pamphlet, which addressed the issue of prescription drugs, accuses Gore of ‘uncontrollable lying,’ a disease described as ‘Gore-itis’. . . . The pamphlet, labeled a ‘prescription form,’ describes a mock disease requiring a treatment with truth serum. ‘Al Gore needs to tell the truth,’ it said.” (The Associated Press, 12/11/99)

"We smoked more than once, more than a few times, we smoked a lot. We smoked in his car, in his house, we smoked in his parents' house, in my house… we smoked on weekends. We smoked a lot… [T]he perpetuation of… silence over time has allowed us to go on jailing kids… who are much younger and less equipped to deal with life than Al Gore was when we were using drugs together."
--John C. Warnecke on his relationship with Al Gore and on U.S. drug policy

"Why should we believe you will tell the truth as president if you don't tell the truth as a candidate?"
- Bill Bradley to Al Gore, Jan. 26, 2000

Quotes By Al Gore:

*The following quotes were compiled by Carolyn Gargaro, co-founder of They are originally located at Be sure to also check out the Not Gore Quotes page.

$100,000 worth of new lab equipment means overcrowding

In the October 3, 2000 Presidential debate, Gore said he'd received a letter from the father of a 15-year-old Sarasota High School student. "Her science class was supposed to be for 24 students," Gore said the man told him. "She is the 36th student in that classroom," Gore related, and he said the father sent him a picture of the girl in her class. "They can't squeeze another desk in for her, so she has to stand during class," Gore told the audience. Gore used the illustration to drive home the point that he wants the federal government "to make improvement of our school the number one priority."

However, Daniel Kennedy, Principal of Sarasota High School complained that Gore had exaggerated the overcrowding. "We have a brand-new campus. It's like a college. It's one of the top schools in the nation," he stated. The school is well under capacity and has plenty of space and desks. If Kailey didn't have a desk the first few days of school, he said, it was because $100,000 of new science equipment was sitting in boxes and taking up space on opening day, andthere were plenty of lab stools to sit on.
(Sources: New York Post 10/05/00 "Al Can't Keep His Stories Straight"
Washington Post, 10/05/00)

Collecting cans for prescription drug benefits!

During the October 3, 2000 Presidential debate, Gore mentioned 79-year-old Winifred Skinner, who has become the campaign's mascot for his Medicare prescription-drug program. "In order to pay for her prescription drug benefits, she has to go out seven days a week, several hours a day, picking up cans," Gore said. "She came all the way from Iowa in a Winnebago with her poodle in order to attend here tonight."

However, Skinner doesn't need to collect cans for her medication. Her son, Earl King, who formerly owned his own business and now lives on an 80-acre ranch and describes his lifestyle as "comfortable," has offered repeatedly to help her make ends meet. She continually declines his offers. In addition, the Winnebago Gore referred to, as well as the gas, was paid for by the Gore campaign. Five campaign workers accompanied Skinner, a longtime Democrat and former union organizer.
(Source: New York Post, October 5, 2000 "Gore's nose is growing again"
Washington Post, October 5, 2000, page A20)

I was there with James Lee Witt...oh, wait....

In the Presidential debate on October 3, 2000, Governor George W. Bush gave credit to the Federal Emergency Management Service (FEMA) for their work in Texas during fires and floods in Parker County. Vice President Al Gore said he had traveled to see the damage with FEMA director James Lee Witt, "I was down there when the fires broke up." Carl Cameron, of Fox News first reported that Gore had not, in fact, been to Texas with Witt to look at the damage in Parker County. Gore WAS in Texas, not not to help FEMA -- A Federal News Service schedule showed that he was at a fundraiser. FEMA officials said Witt never went to Texas to deal with the 1998 fires.
"If James Lee was there before or after, then you know, I got that wrong then," Gore said on ABC's Good Morning America on October 4, 2000.
(Source: New York Post, October 5, 2000 "Gore's nose is growing again")

I was part of those discussions! Really!

At a Sept. 22 press conference, Gore stated "I've been a part of the discussions on the strategic reserve since the days when it was first established." However, President Ford established the Strategic Petroleum Reserves when he signed the Energy Policy and Conservation Act (EPCA) on December 22, 1975 — two years before Al Gore became a congressman
(Source: Washington Post, Sept. 24 2000)

A dog's health care costs less than my mother-in-law's!

Vice President Al Gore, reaching for a personal example to illustrate the breathtaking costs of some prescription drugs, told seniors in Florida last month that his mother-in-law pays nearly three times as much for the same arthritis medicine used for his ailing dog, Shiloh. "That's pretty bad when you have got to pretend to be a dog or a cat to get a price break" he stated. Gore's mother-in-law does pay more for her medication, but the generic brand of the drug, which 85% of Americans now use as a cheaper alternative, costs half as much, or one and a half times what it costs for the pooch - not three times. In addition, given the complexities of the marketplace, and the steps people take to get a better deal, it can work the other way around: Pets "pretending" to be humans. The Gore campaign also admitted that it lifted those costs not from his family's bills, but from a House Democratic study, and that Gore misused even those numbers: They represent the manufacturer's price to wholesalers, not the retail price of the brand-name product.
Drug costs often cost more for humans, though, because they are more heavily regulated. Jeff Trewhett, the spokesman for the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association of America, said the higher costs for the human version of patented drugs is justified because the research, development, and approval costs can surpass $500 million per drug. But once the drug is approved for humans, the cost to test and approve it for animals is minimal, he said. Interestingly enough, Gore is proposing more regulations on on top of what we have now. Our food also costs 3 times as much as the dog's... will Gore say that we have to pretend to be dogs to get affordable food?

Dairy Farm Expert in a Day

Milwaukee, WI - "I'm very familiar with the importance of dairy farming in Wisconsin. I've spent the night on a dairy farm here in Wisconsin. If I'm entrusted with the presidency, you'll have someone who is very familiar with what the Wisconsin dairy industry is all about."
(Sources: Sunday, June 18, Atlanta Journal Constitution and The Washington Post, June 14, 2000)
Hey! I am an expert in hospital administration in NJ, and the hotel industry in several states - having spent more than on night there!

Let's play "Insult the Host"

Gore sometimes shows publicly that he lacks Clinton's finesse. Take a reception in Los Angeles last month. It was Gore's moment to shine before donors who ponied up $2.8 million. But he wound up egg-faced when he compared electing a Republican as president to rejecting an Oscar-winning team in favor of the producers of the Hollywood clunker ''Howard the Duck.'' One of the evening's hosts, Jeffrey Katzenberg, was a driving force behind ''Howard the Duck.'' The crowd tittered.
(Source: USA Today, May 8, 2000)

Hey! It's Super Tuesday... oh wait...

Several Tennesseans tried to cast votes in the presidential primary, thinking that their state was part of Super Tuesday. They weren't alone. Vice President Al Gore seemed to think so, too. Knox County registrar Pat Crippens said, "I just got off the phone with a gentleman. I had to explain we're not Super Tuesday, we're just next Tuesday." His office got about 30 calls from confused voters. In 1988, Tennessee and 12 other Southern states decided to hold their presidential primaries on the second Tuesday of March, dubbing it "Super Tuesday" in hopes of gaining national political clout. Several Northern states also held their primaries that day. More than a dozen states have since moved their primaries to the first Tuesday of the month, creating a new "Super Tuesday." Tennessee - the vice president's home state - is among six that have stuck with March 14. As reporters and photographers watched from the lobby of his Nashville headquarters on Tuesday, Gore called a "Miss Ferris" and told her, "Today is the presidential primary in Tennessee ." His expression changed as he listened to her. "Well, you know, that is right. You are absolutely right," he said before hanging up and quickly dialing the next number on his voter call list.
(Source: Houston Chronicle 3/8/2000 by Houston Chronicle News Services)

The Republicans controlled the Senate in '93? Do the Democrats know this?

From Meet the Press 12/19/99
MR. RUSSERT: Senator, what did you think of the 1996 Clinton-Gore campaign's approach to fund-raising?
MR. BRADLEY: I thought that a lot of people in politics were embarrassed by it, quite frankly. I think Republicans and Democrats were disgraceful in that fund-raising program in 1996. Now, I think Al had the right point. It's the lessons that you learn. In 1990, I raised a lot of money for my Senate race. I raised too much money. I discovered that you can have too much money in a political campaign. I think that's what George Bush is going to discover. Now, in Al's case, the attorney general investigated it fully and determined that an independent counsel was not needed. And so - and the Republicans might make that an issue, but that's the reality. But I think the question is what you learn from this. And what I learned is that you've had seven years to actually do something on campaign-finance reform, and nothing has happened. I remember visiting the White House in 1993, Democratic Congress, both Senate and House, and urging the president to act on campaign-finance reform. Now, I don't know if you were in the loop or not, but the fact of the matter is that no action took place. And when we say what we...
VICE PRES. GORE: Because all the Republicans voted against it.
MR. BRADLEY: ...what we need to do...
VICE PRES. GORE: And they controlled the Senate.
MR. BRADLEY: ...what we - where was the effort made, Al, in 1993?
VICE PRES. GORE: We got every single Democratic senator to vote for it.

Gore and the Internet

"During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet" Gore said when asked to cite accomplishments that separate him from another Democratic presidential hopeful, former Sen. Bill Bradley of New Jersey, during an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN on March 9, 1999.
Gore supported technological advances related to the advancement of the Internet, but to say that HE took the initiative in creating the Internet is a bit much.
(Sources: Transcript:

(Note: Lots of people seem to enjoy e-mailing me, professing that my information about Gore saying he "invented" the Internet is wrong, that he did support things which helped get the Internet moving, etc etc. First, I know he never said he "invented" the Internet. Please notice the quote above. Second, saying that he took the initiative in CREATING the Internet is still a funny statement since the Internet was already created and being used (ex: file copying via the UUCP protocol and e-mail) by the time he was elected to Congress. One can't take the "initiative" to "create" something which is already created.)

A spotted Zebra.

"A zebra does not change its spots." - Al Gore, attacking President George Bush in 1992.
(Sources: The Toronto Sun, 11/19/95; May 13th page of the "365 stupidest things ever said, 1999 Calendar." ALL quotes from this calendar are from a book called "The 700 Stupidest Things Ever Said") The book and calendar are by a brother and sister team called Ross and Kathryn Petras. The original book "The 776 Stupidest things ever said" was printed in March 1993, and the calendar was printed August 1998.)

E plu...what?

"We can build a collective civic space large enough for all our separate identities, that we can be e pluribus unum -- out of one, many."
E Pluribus Unum is the motto on the Great Seal of the United States of America, and is Latin for "out of many, one," not "out of one, many."
(Source: January 1994. From a Milwaukee speech to the Institute of World Affairs as quoted in Investor's Business Daily, October 25, 1996.)

Who ARE these people??

Listen to Al Gore (Algore) asking who the busts of our Founding Fathers are at Monticello before the Inauguration. DUH.

Watch the video of this!

Mary and Joseph were homeless??

"Speaking from my own religious tradition in this Christmas season, 2,000 years ago a homeless woman gave birth to a homeless child in a manger because the inn was full."
Hello! Mary and Joseph were not homeless!
(Sources: Press Conference at HUD, 12/22/97; George Will column, Sunday May 17 1998)

A new type of tree!

Al Gore, giving a speech for Yellowstone National Park's 125th Anniversary, Albright Visitors Center, Sunday, August 17, 1997: "When we come here, we see the longpole pine and the Douglas fir."
Sorry Al, it's LODGEpole. There is no such thing as a LONGpole pine.

Michael who?

Maybe Michael Jordan hasn't made an indelible impression on everyone outside Chicago. Speaking at a D.C. function, Vice President Al Gore, wowed by the Bulls, said: "I tell you that Michael Jackson is unbelievable, isn't he. He's just unbelievable."
(Source: The Chicago Tribune June 17, 1998)

Manliness Thanks!

In 1996, Al Gore visited a school in a largely Hispanic portion of Albuquerque, New Mexico. In an effort to fit in, he decided it would be appropriate to say something in Spanish as he took the stage. He was supposed to say "Muchas Gracias" (thank you very much). Instead, he walked on stage saying "Machismo Gracias" - roughly translated to "manliness thanks. There's a video clip of the press in Albuquerque giggling about it and saying, "Oh well, he's trying."
(Source: KOB-TV in Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1996 -- does anyone have the exact date or can anyone confirm this?)

James who?

In his first appearance in a nationally televised candidates forum, Gore was asked to name a past US president from whom he drew personal inspiration. He replied that he especially admired another "dark horse" candidate, and a product of his home state, the great "president James Knox". The only problem is that the history books show that nobody named Knox ever occupied the White House. He most likely meant James Knox Polk.
(Source: The British Sunday Times; Michael Medved of KVI radio (570 AM based in Seattle).     I am looking for a more specific source for this, so if anyone has one, or, if this quote is not accurate, please e-mail me)

Daily Town Hall Meetings

"I certainly learned a great deal from 3,000 town hall meetings across my home state of Tennessee over a 16-year period" in Congress, the vice president told NPR’s Bob Edwards.
Do the math. That’s 187 town hall meetings per year, or a meeting in Tennessee every other day for 16 years, including weekends, holidays, vacations, and time spent running for president in 1988 and for vice president in 1992.

More on Gore's vast computer knowledge

"We feel, and the Defense Department feels, that problem is not going to be a problem. Of course, it can't be a problem. We won't allow it to be a problem.... We're confident that it is going to be solved, but we're going to be doubly, triply and quadrupally confident that it's going to be solved before September of this year."
And I didn't even know "quadrupally" was a real word! Special thanks to for this!
(Source: Quoted on San Jose Mercury News Gore says U.S. will be ready for Y2K February 28, 1999.)

Special exception for Clinton.

"I seek this office to restore the rule of law and respect for common sense to the White House." ...

"Americans in every region and in both political parties have been shaken by the betrayal of public trust ... and the dishonesty of the public officials."...

"Any government official who ... lies to the United States Congress will be fired immediately."

(Source: Seattle Times, June 29, 1987)
Gore must be talking about the standards he'd apply to a Republican White House! After all, he referred to Clinton as "one of our greatest presidents" at the White House Post-Impeachment Pep Rally on December 19, 1998.

Gore Loves Courtney Love.

Finding himself talking to the controversial rock star Courtney Love at a Hollywood party, Mr. Gore attempted to charm her by telling her he was a fan. Rather than just accepting the easy compliment, Love cross-examined him.

"He goes 'I'm a really big fan'," said Love. "And I was like 'Yeah, right. Name a song, Al'." The answer came limply back: "I can't name a song, I'm just a really big fan."

Mr. Gore and his wife, Tipper, were the driving forces behind the campaign to make record companies put stickers on records that contained lyrics with sexually explicit content.
(Sources: The [London] Times, 10/1/98; Courtney Love recounted this event on the May 20, 1999 Late Show with David Letterman)

Left-wing idiot.

Back in 1994, Al Gore called Oliver North "the colonel of untruth" and said Mr. North was counting on political contributions from "the extra-chromosome right wing."
(Sources: White House Special Briefing, 10/28/94; Washington Times, September 4, 1997)

Vice President Al Gore sent out a letter apologizing for his embarrassing "extra chromosome" jibe at Oliver North supporters, saying he had "learned an important lession [sic]. "
(Source: National Review, December 31, 1994.)

He "took the initiative in creating the Internet", but can't use a computer.

Pete Talek, a U.S. Steel employee speaking with Al Gore: "I am a few credits shy of earning a master's degree and could use federal funds to help defray tuition costs because he also is putting a daughter through community college. "I worked with a 14-inch pipe wrench for years and a coal shovel." Adding that he since has added a computer keyboard to the list of tools he can now use.
"Gore smiled and admitted that he, too, has trouble turning on a computer - let alone using one."
(Source: "Gore Touts Job-Training Programs at Pittsburgh Factory" Associated Press September 4, 1998)

Where am I again?

Al Gore visited Minneapolis Minnesota on October 12, 1998 and raised several hundred thousand dollars for DFL gubernatorial nominee Hubert Humphrey III and two Democratic congressmen. Too bad he forgot which state he was in. Gore misspoke when he tried to summarize their commitment to education. "They will be the education team that Missouri needs to move into the 21st century," he said.
(Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune, October 13, 1998)

Does this mean he'd fire Clinton?

"My first pledge will be to restore integrity to the White House. And I'll fire anyone who has lied to the American people or the United States Congress."
(Source: Al Gore, in a February 2, 1988 presidential debate)

The earth is upside down!

In the spring 1998 - Gore called The Washington Post's executive editor to tip him off on an ''error'' in the paper.
''I decided I just had to call because you've printed a picture of the Earth upside down on the front page of the paper,'' Gore said.
(Source: Florida Times Union 4/3/98)     Whoops - sorry Al. There is no ''up'' in space; only on maps that orient the Earth's surface north and south.
For more examples of Al Gore's vast knowledge of space, take a look at the Florida Times Union article

Gore loves tobacco.

"Throughout most of my life, I raised tobacco. I want you to know that with my own hands, all of my life, I put it in the plant beds and transferred it. I've hoed it. I've dug in it. I've sprayed it, I've chopped it, I've shredded it, spiked it, put it in the barn and stripped it and sold it.
(Source: [New York] Newsday, 2/26/88

Oh wait.. I didn't mean that...

"Sometimes, you never fully face up to things that you ought to face up to." -- Al Gore, discussing why he accepted checks from his family tobacco farm and contributions from tobacco companies for years after the tragic death of his sister that he spoke about so emotionally at the 1996 Democratic convention.
(Source: "'Numbness' Let Gore Accept Tobacco Help," San Francisco Chronicle, August 30, 1996)

A straight answer?

"The theories - the ideas she expressed about equality of results within legislative bodies and with - by outcome, by decisions made by legislative bodies, ideas related to proportional voting as a general remedy, not in particular cases where the circumstances make that a feasible idea... "
(Source: Vice President Al Gore, on ABC's Nightline, asked about President Clinton's withdrawal of Lani Guinier's nomination to the EEOC)

Is it a train? An eagle?

In a letter, an elderly couple, Mr. and Mrs. Delgadillo explained to Al Gore how much they rely on the government-owned Amtrak trains to visit their children and grandchildren in Chicago and on each coast. The couple reminded the vice president that President Clinton relied on train travel to reach the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. "The train has been our main-stay," the couple states. "Yet your administration is killing our Texas Eagle. This makes us sick." The Texas Eagle is the Amtrak train that for years has operated between Chicago, St. Louis, Little Rock, Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio. But facing a $243 million shortfall in 1997, Amtrak President Thomas Downs recently targeted four Amtrak routes for elimination, including the Texas Eagle service between St. Louis and San Antonio. "What can you do to save our Eagle?" the couple pleaded to the vice president. Gore responded with:
"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Delgadillo, Thank you for your letter regarding the protection of the Texas eagle. I appreciate hearing from you. "I share your view that the urgent problem of species extinction and the conservation of biological diversity should be addressed. The first step in saving any plant or animal from extinction is to become aware of and respect the fragile ecosystems that make up our environment ... "Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I look forward to working with you for the future of our planet."
It's strange he should talk about the ecosystem and extinction since the Texas Eagle is a TRAIN!!
(Sources: reported on Fox News Sunday on December 3, 1996, as well as quoted in the National Review and reported in the 12/6/96 Washington Times "Inside the Beltway" by John McCaslin)

Bow and Missouri

"The Japanese surrendered on the 'bow' (he pronounced it like 'bow ' tie) of the 'aircraft carrier' (instead of the battleship) Missouri."
(Source: from George Putnam on KIEV radio 12:00 to 2:00 P.M. in Glendale California     I am looking for a more specific source for this, so if anyone had one, or, if this quote is not accurate, please e-mail me)


At the opening of the new Gore 2000 HQ, Gore said something about a "rip-tootin'" campaign.
Maybe he meant "rip-snortin'" or "rip-roarin'" or "rootin'-tootin'"?
(Source WTVF (TV) News, Nashville, Tenn. 10/6/99)

It was a Buddhist Temple?

Al Gore, when asked about his illegal fundraising activities that took place in a Buddhist temple: "I didn't realize I was in a Buddhist temple."

Yeah...I know a lot of places where bald men run around in orange robes with incense burning.
(A Senate committee investigating campaign finance voted to issue 43 new subpoenas, including 23 connected to a Democratic fund-raising event at the Hsi Lai Buddhist temple in California that was attended by Vice President Al Gore. Participants paid $2,500 each to attend, in apparent violation of the temple's tax-free status as a non-political religious group (5/23/1997)
Wait though... he may have not realized it was a fundraiser because he was in the bathroom!
But Mr. Gore said he was sometimes inattentive and missed parts of fund-raising meetings. He told the F.B.I., according to notes of a 1998 interview, that "he drank a lot of iced tea during meetings, which could have necessitated a restroom break." New York Times, 3/11/00

Gore in Malaysia.

"Democracy confers a stamp of legitimacy that reforms must have in order to be effective. And so, among nations suffering economic crises, we continue to hear calls for democracy, calls for reform in many languages - people's power, doi moi, reformasi. We hear them today, right here, right now, among the brave people of Malaysia."

This was part of a speech that Al Gore gave during the Apec Business Summit dinner in Malaysia. After giving this speech which was supporting the meaningless reformasi movement in Malaysia, Gore walked out of the hall without even taking his dinner. This is a clear insult to the host nation, Malaysia and shows how arrogant, rude, and insensitive Al Gore is, and in the process, angered Malaysians along with its neighbours who condemned Al Gore for giving the speech at the wrong time and place.
This was submitted to this page by someone who lives in Malaysia

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