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Gore's Nanny Charges: I Was Kept In Car While Gores Ate At 'Whites Only' Restaurant!
"Our parents said to work for good white folks -- and that's what we did!" Those are the shocking words of Mattie Lucy Payne, 89, housekeeper and nanny to the Gores of Tenneessee. For more than 30 years, Payne cleaned house and cooked for the Gores on their 250-acre farm in Carthage. It was on this farm where Payne helped raise Al Gore Jr. more

Gore Playing Race Card to Woo Elders?
Al Gore claimed Tuesday that George W. Bush would send elders to state welfare offices for a prescription drug benefit an idea that assaults the pride of many old people who don't want to see themselves as welfare cases. more

'Gore Pressured Me to Lie About His Drug Habit,' Friend Claims
When he first ran for president in 1988, Vice President Al Gore tried to pressure a friend to cover up his past drug use - and then cut that friend out of his life when he wouldn't go along. more

Gore's Elk Hills/Occidental Oil Scandal: Bigger Than Teapot Dome
Vice President Al Gore endorsed the sale of a government oil field in 1998, the largest sale of federal property in the history of the U.S. government. more

Stoned Al Gore Fantasized About Being President, Friend Says
While working as a reporter by day and attending divinity school at night, future presidential candidate Al Gore would get stoned on high-grade opium-laced marijuana with his Tennessee buddies and fantasize about running for the White House, a friend says. more

Lieberman: I Didn't Try To Evict Mom
Aides to Joe Lieberman denied yesterday he tried to evict a mother of five who claimed she lost her job and couldn't pay rent after falling on a faulty staircase.

Gore's Uncle Targeted by Federal Coke
Probe: AIM Report

Vice President Al Gore's maternal uncle Whit LaFon is under investigation by federal and state law enforcement for his alleged role in a cocaine money-laundering scheme linked to a narcotics operation that covers much of southwest Tennessee, according to a story set to run in Accuracy in Media's September "AIM Report." more

Jewish Group: Lieberman Not Kosher
Only weeks into his campaign as the first Jew nominated for vice president of the United States, Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Conn., has backtracked on all of his conservative positions and "substituted core values for Gore values," representatives of a national Jewish group said Monday. more

Congresswoman Disclaims Gore Comment
A black congresswoman who asserted Vice President Al Gore has a low ``Negro tolerance level'' backed off Friday, saying the claim was in a draft statement not meant to be released. more

Bipartisan Tax Group Attacks Gore Plan
Democrat presidential candidate Al Gore laid out tax and spending proposals this week in a nearly 200-page manifesto, but the cost of the plans is a mystery in the eyes of the bipartisan Joint Committee on Taxation. more

Gore Folks Push Reporter's Wheelchair
Out of Race for Story

It was supposed to be a dream assignment. When word came down last week that presidential hopeful Al Gore was planning a trip to Flint, and when the job of covering Gore's and running mate Joseph I. Lieberman's visit got handed to yours truly, it brought with it a chance to write about the man who could be the next president of the United States. more

Lieberman Urged to Rethink Conn. Race
The senator in charge of getting Democrats elected to the Senate wants Sen. Joseph Lieberman to quit his re-election campaign and deny Connecticut's governor the chance to give his seat to a Republican if Lieberman wins the vice presidency. more

Tipper: Clinton Sex Scandals Didn't
Prompt 'The Kiss'

Tipper Gore denies that she and vice presidential hubby Al were trying to send a message about the Clinton sex scandals when they engaged in a prime time TV lip lock at the Democratic Convention in Los Angeles two weeks ago. more

Democrats Abuse Working Class
Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore promises to fight for the working class. Does this mean that Gore intends to support the privatization of Social Security? Is he going to permit wage earners to acquire family nest eggs in place of retirement benefits paid by taxing employment? Will Gore allow a tax deduction for private medical insurance? Will wage-earners be able to choose their own doctors and treatments and escape from their dependence on bureaucratically supplied medicine that is rationed and regulated to fit budget parameters? more

Clinton-Gore Rob Workers
Labor Day is an appropriate time to expose Al Gore and Bill Clinton for financially abusing union workers by thwarting the law of the land as decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. more

AFL-CIO: 'We Are Going to Run This Election'
AFL-CIO President John Sweeney estimates his organization will spend between $40 million and $45 million this election cycle to try to get Al Gore elected president, win back the House for Democrats and influence legislation, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported. more

ADL to Lieberman: Drop God Now!
The ADL - that is, the Anti-Defemation League of B'nai Brith - is steaming mad at Joe Lieberman. more


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