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Tony Coelho -- Al Gore's former campaign chairman for Gore 2000. It was only ten years ago that Coelho fled Congress one step ahead of the sheriff - he gave up his seat rather than face scrutiny for his dealings with Savings & Loan kingpin and junk bond dealer Thomas Spiegel. Coelho's dealings and fundraising practices were so shady an entire book was devoted to his wheeling and dealing -- Honest Graft, by CNN reporter Brooks Jackson. (Gore's choice was peculiar in another way as well: Coelho's most prominent campaign management experience was presiding over the Democrats' 1994 election debacle.)

Donna Brazile -- The new Gore campaign political director was unceremoniously canned by the Dukakis campaign in 1988 for race-baiting and telling blatant lies about President Bush. (Remember when there were Democrats who cared about such things?) Evidently, Gore - in uncanny imitation of Bill Clinton - intends to practice the politics of personal destruction, even as he preaches against it from the podium. (Associated Press, 10/20/88 and The Chicago Tribune, 10/25/88)

Carlottia Scott -- Finally, over at the Democratic National Committee, theire is the new political director who, if you were to address her as comrade, would surely not take umbrage. In 1982, Scott used congressional stationery to pen a letter of panting admiration to Maurice Bishop, the self-proclaimed Communist who was running the island nation of Grenada. Addressing Bishop as "My darling comrade leader," Scott went, on to write that her boss, Democrat Rep. Ron Dellums, "is really hooked on you and Grenada and doesn't want anything to happen to building the revolution and making it strong... the only other person that I know of that he exrpresses such admiration for is Fidel." (Letter from Scott to Bishop on official congressional letterhead, 4/28/82 and reprinted in MtMan Events, 5714/99)

Jorge Cabrera -- Al Gore with drug cartel member Jorge Cabrera, who was convicted of cocaine smuggling!

(What did Al promise him in exchange for a $20,000 donation ?)

More about Jorge Cabrera and the Clinton Administration

Nathan Landow

Albert Gore and Nathan Landow

Money, Cover-Ups and the Mob?

When Albert Gore Jr. or Bill Clinton need money, they know who to call - Nathan Landow. According to the Washington Post, Landow is "always at the top of the list of those who can be tapped for Democratic congressional candidates and causes." The Associated Press reported that while Gore, for instance, was making fund-raising calls from federal property, he secured a $25,000 donation from Landow. Landow was also the chief financial force behind Sen. Gore’s $4 million decision to run for president in 1988. Some of Landow’s activities include:

  • Landow raised a total of $600,000 for Clinton in 1992 and 1996.
  • Landow allegedly tried to dissuade a witness in Clinton’s ongoing sex-and-cover-up investigation from testifying. In 1997 Landow allegedly pressured former White House volunteer Kathleen Willey to suppress her claim of a 1993 sexual advance by Clinton.
  • Democrat campaign professional Michael Copperthite stated that Landow urged him to lie to federal investigators about Landow’s failed land deal with the impoverished Cheyenne and Arapaho Indian tribes. The land deal was made in conjunction with Landow’s fund-raising activities for the Democrat Party.
  • Landow and former Clinton/Gore campaign manager Peter Knight reportedly offered to lobby the Clinton/Gore administration on behalf of the tribe for the return of their oil and gas rich lands in exchange for more than $100,000 in campaign contributions. Landow also sought a multi-million dollar contract with the tribes.
  • Evidence suggests, Landow offered to ease former deputy attorney general Webster Hubbell’s financial difficulties after his conviction to keep him from cooperating with White House independent counsel Kenneth Starr. Landow denies trying to help Hubbell, a claim which Wall Street Journal columnist Albert Hunt calls a lie.
  • In 1978, Landow was involved in a proposed hotel and casino project with Washington gambling kingpin Joe Nesline, internationally known gambling figure Edward Cellini and a Miami representative of the Gambino organized crime family Anthony Plate. These revelations cost Landow an ambassadorship early in the Carter administration.
  • In the early 1980s, Landow was a Democrat Party booster at a time when the District of Columbia city government was selling urban renewal properties at below market rates to politically powerful Democrats and their friends. Landow obtained a parcel of DC land for a fraction of its market value.

1987 - Gore’s 1988 Presidential Bid and Landow

Gore may not have run for president in 1988 except for Landow’s insistence -- and campaign fundraising. Gore announced that he would enter the race for the Democrat presidential nomination on April 12, 1987, three weeks after saying he would not run. Landow’s pledge to Gore to help raise $4 million for the effort seems to have been the factor that changed Gore’s mind.

  • "Mr. Gore said that a group of major Democratic fund-raisers led by Maryland developer Nathan Landow had ‘played a significant role in getting me to change my mind’ about running. At a private March 27 meeting, 17 members of the group pledged to raise $4 million for a Gore campaign and the senator agreed to reconsider his plans." (emphasis added) (The [Baltimore] Sun, 4/13/87)
  • 1996 - Gore’s Phone Calls and Landow

    Gore also relied upon Landow to come through with campaign cash during Clinton/Gore’s 1996 re-election campaign. Landow set speed records to get Gore the cash he requested illegally from his White House office.

  • "Contrary to his original assertion, Vice President Al Gore did not use a Democratic Party telephone credit card for as many as 20 fund-raising calls from the White House. Without public notice the party recently reimbursed the government $24.20.

    "White House documents obtained by The Associated Press provide the most detail to date about how the vice president secured commitments upwards of $600,000 in the last election by calling large Democratic donors from his West Wing office.

    "‘You’ll have it in hand in One Hour,’ Gore scribbled on one fund-raising call sheet in which he secured a $25,000 donation in December 1995 from Washington businessman Nate Landow."

    "Landow apparently fulfilled the prediction. ‘One hour is a record!’ Gore scribbled on a thank you letter to the businessman on Dec. 11, 1996." (emphasis added) (The Associated Press, 8/26/97)

  • Clinton-Gore ’96, the Cheyenne and Arapaho Indian Tribes and Landow

    Landow went to the limit to raise funds for the Clinton/Gore campaign in 1996. But he also tried to make his efforts on Clinton/Gore’s behalf worth his own while. Landow and Clinton/Gore campaign manager Peter Knight offered to lobby the administration for the return of the Cheyenne-Arapaho Indian tribes’ land in exchange for campaign contributions totaling more than $100,000.

  • "Last week, a private investigator testified in Senate hearings on campaign fund-raising abuses that the [Cheyenne-Arapaho] tribe approached him about investigating Oklahoma Sen. Don Nickles. The senator opposes the return of former Indian lands the tribe wants, and the investigator, Terry Lenzer, proposed a probe that might turn up politically embarrassing information that would compel Mr. Nickles to drop his opposition."

    "There was more than money for Mr. Lenzer in the deal; there was a chance it might dig up enough dirt on Mr. Nickles to divert the spotlight from an embarrassing blot on the reputation of Vice President Al Gore. Longtime Gore fund-raiser Nathan Landow and former Clinton-Gore campaign manager Peter Knight reportedly offered to lobby the administration for the return of the lands in exchange for campaign contributions from the tribe of more than $100,000."

    "For their efforts the Indians got lunch with President Clinton and a dinner invitation from Mr. Gore, but no land. When news of the shakedown broke earlier this year, the Democratic National Committee returned the money." (emphasis added) (editorial, The Washington Times, 8/6/97)

  • There was more to this "shakedown" than just campaign contributions. Landow also tried to obtain for himself a contract with the tribe that could have been worth hundreds of millions of dollars in oil and gas reserves under the land.

  • "Although officials of the Cheyenne-Arapaho tribes ultimately refused to testify in the case, tribal lawyer Richard Grellner told the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee that in exchange for help with their claim, Landow demanded 10 percent of any development revenues and gas or oil royalties on the disputed land -- a bonanza possibly worth as much as $200 million." (emphasis added) (U.S. News & World Report, 3/30/98)
  • 1997 - Kathleen Willey Connection

    According to Newsweek magazine, Landow raised $600,000 for the Clinton/Gore ticket’s 1992 and 1996 campaigns. But Landow seems to want to do more for the administration than just raise funds. Investigators looking into Clinton’s cover-up scandal acquired documents suggesting Landow tried to influence the testimony of Kathleen Willey, a former White House volunteer who has charged Clinton with improper conduct and lying to cover it up.

  • "The documents show that on Oct. 6, 1997, Landow’s real-estate firm chartered a plane to fly Willey from her home to Maryland’s Eastern Shore, where Landow has an estate. The flight cost $1,050, said Fred Hutson, operations manager for Million Air, the Richmond charter firm. It came two months after Willey had been subpoenaed in the Paula Jones case. Last week, according to a source familiar with her testimony, Willey told the grand jury that during a two-day stay at Landow’s estate, the Democratic moneyman repeatedly pressed her about her version of the encounter, telling her ‘Don’t say anything,’ according to the source. Landow told her that if she said ‘nothing happened’ between her and the president, she could not be contradicted, the source said. Willey also told the grand jury that Landow offered to fly her to New York City for a Christmas shopping trip. When first questioned two weeks ago, Landow acknowledged talking to Willey about her ‘mental anguish’ over the Jones case, but insisted suggestions of witness tampering were ‘absolutely untrue.’" (emphasis added) (Newsweek, 3/23/98)
  • Landow’s efforts may be his way of ingratiating himself with Gore and those who will direct the Gore campaign in 2000, such as Peter Knight, Clinton/Gore’s 1996 campaign manager.

  • "Landow’s goal in undertaking such a mission would have been less to help Clinton -- Landow and the president are said to care little for each other -- than to ingratiate himself with Gore and Knight. A Washington investor who knows Landow believes Landow is capable of this: ‘It would not be atypical for Nate to insert himself into [the Willey affair] or for him to tell Willey things as if he were acting at the behest of the White House, when in fact he had no such authority." (The Weekly Standard, 3/30/98)
  • 1997 - Attempted Cover-up of the Cheyenne Arapaho Deal

    On another occasion, Landow seemingly used the same persuasive techniques on Democrat campaign professional Michael Copperthite months before the Willey episode. Copperthite stated that Landow tried to "keep him quiet" about one of Landow’s questionable campaign fund-raising episodes.

  • "Michael C. Copperthite, a Democratic fund-raiser, campaign manager and consultant, said Mr. Landow did ‘the exact same thing to me’ that he is accused of doing to Mrs. Willey."

    "Mr. Copperthite said Mr. Landow’s attempt to keep him quiet was consistent with recent news reports suggesting he tried to silence Mrs. Willey about being sexually groped by Mr. Clinton." (emphasis added) (The Washington Times, 3/18/98)

  • In particular, Landow wanted Copperthite to lie to investigators about a failed land deal Landow had with the Cheyenne-Arapaho Indians.

  • "He [Copperthite] said that a year ago, Mr. Landow pressured him to lie to federal investigators about a contract aimed at netting Mr. Landow hundreds of millions of dollars from oil and gas reserves beneath Indian lands in Oklahoma."

    "‘Mr. Copperthite, who sought half of any compensation Mr. Landow secured from the tribe, said Mr. Landow urged him during a phone call to tell FBI agents investigating campaign fund raising that he knew nothing about the deal, even though he had discussed it in several meetings with Mr. Landow.

    "‘He said, and I quote exactly: "You’re going to be contacted by Justice Department people probably and/or law enforcement people and I want to go over with you what the truth is, so that you can tell the truth," said Mr. Copperthite, who added he nonetheless cooperated with the FBI in the probe. ‘So then he does this whole story that doesn’t even match up to anything that happened and then says, "Now that’s the truth isn’t it? You’re going to tell the truth."

    "‘He was lying to me,’ said Mr. Copperthite, a member of Mr. Clinton’s National Finance Committee during the 1992 presidential campaign." (emphasis added) (The Washington Times, 3/18/98)

  • However, instead of offering merely a New York shopping trip, as he did with Willey, Landow offered Copperthite a job with Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign.

  • "In exchange for his expected silence, Mr. Copperthite said, he was promised a job in Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign. Mr. Landow was Mr. Gore’s primary financial backer in the 1988 campaign and, before the Indian land deal, had hoped to play a major role in Mr. Gore’s next presidential bid.

    "‘[Mr. Landow] said, "We’re all going to be part of the big happy Gore family some day and this all will pass over,"’ Mr. Copperthite said. ‘He was clearly telling me to keep my mouth shut, play along and I would be taken care of -- or un-taken care of.’" (brackets in original) (The Washington Times, 3/18/98)

  • Much of Landow’s behind-the-scenes efforts seem to be geared to getting himself in the good graces of Gore in 2000. Of course, Landow has done plenty of other things that are just as unethical that do not have much to do with Gore.

    1994 - Helping Hush Up Web Hubbell

    According to Albert Hunt writing in The Wall Street Journal, Landow, along with several other Democrats, apparently tried to help Webster Hubbell financially while he was facing severe financial problems due to past criminal conduct. This assistance may explain why Hubbell could afford to become tight-lipped in the face of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr’s ongoing investigation into numerous Clinton wrongdoing.

  • "Several years ago, when Clinton confidant Webster Hubbell faced imprisonment and big legal bills, Democratic moneyman Nathan Landow tried to arrange a favorable real estate deal involving a Washington office building for the former top Justice Department official. Several other well-heeled Democrats also tried to help the beleaguered Mr. Hubbell; this has drawn the attention of special prosecutor Kenneth Starr, who questions whether Mr. Hubbell’s limited cooperation with Mr. Starr’s investigation of the president was influenced by all the help Mr. Hubbell received from the president’s associates.

    "What sets Mr. Landow apart, however, is that he and Bill Clinton actually have a hostile relationship. But Mr. Landow is close to Vice President Albert Gore. Political observers who know him say it’s highly doubtful that Mr. Landow would have done this out of personal kindness rather than political calculation; Mr. Landow, the former Maryland Democratic Party chairman, did not return phone calls. Late yesterday, the vice president’s office said Mr. Gore did not know of Mr. Landow’s offer to help Mr. Hubbell." (Albert Hunt column, The Wall Street Journal, 3/13/97)

  • Landow vehemently denied Hunt’s assertions.

  • "The statement in Albert Hunt’s March 13 Politics & People column that I tried to arrange a real estate deal for Webster Hubbell is totally false and without foundation." (Landow letter to the editor, The Wall Street Journal, 3/20/97)
  • Hunt flatly states that Landow "lied."

  • "But a year ago, I reported that the same Mr. Landow secretly had tried to help Clinton confidant Webb Hubbell when he was in legal and financial straits. Mr. Landow adamantly insisted that wasn’t true, either. I know he lied then, which makes his credibility [in the Willey matter] suspect now." (emphasis added) (Albert Hunt column, The Wall Street Journal, 3/19/98)
  • The First Democrat Bank of Landow

    Landow made numerous personal contributions to the Democrat cause over the years, in addition to the millions of dollars he raised from other donors for the party and his favorite candidates. Over the past 12 years, according to documents on file with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), Landow has given almost $200,000 to Democrat candidates and political committees out of his own pocket.

    Election Cycle

    Contribution Amounts

    (as of 3/20/98)




    $50,000 (soft)









    Total (1987-98):


    (Source: Federal Election Commission Reports, 1987-98)

    Furthermore, Landow raised $2 million for Walter Mondale’s presidential effort in 1984.

  • "A few days after Jimmy Carter’s 1980 defeat, Landow paid a call on Walter Mondale, uninvited, to offer him his full support for 1984. Landow placed his private jet at Mondale’s disposal and he personally raised over two million dollars." (The New Republic, 4/22/85)
  • Landow also raised campaign funds for Jimmy Carter.

  • "Landow, 45, a self-made entrepreneur, has been heavy contributor to the Democratic Party and was an active Carter fund raiser." (The Washington Post, 1/26/78)
  • Landow summed up the reason for all of his financial generosity to the Democrats.

  • "‘It certainly could relate to policy,’ Landow said." (emphasis added) (Los Angeles Times, 5/3/87)
  • Landow’s Shady Past: 1978 - Landow and Gambling

    Long before engaging in shady dealings on behalf of the Clinton/Gore re-election campaign in 1996, Landow engaged in shady deals on his own behalf. In the 1970s, Landow tried to break into the hotel and gambling industries. To do so, Landow enlisted the help of underworld figure Joe Nesline.

  • "Two prominent Washington investors with connections to the Carter administration were involved in a proposal to build a hotel and gambling casino in Atlantic City, with Washington gambling king pin Joe Nesline as a consultant.

    "The investors are multimillionaire builder Nathan Landow and Smith Bagley, a Reynolds tobacco heir. Landow is under consideration for appointment as U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands."

    "Landow acknowledge [sic] a casual acquaintanceship with Nesline of many years’ standing, and an involvement in one other hotel-casino venture in which Nesline also played a role." (The Washington Post, 1/26/78)

  • Nesline had a long criminal record. He is also identified by police authorities as the suspected "godfather" of Washington "bookmaking and other gaming action."

  • "Nesline, who lives in the luxurious Promenade highrise apartment building owned by Landow at 5225 Pooks Hill Rd. in Bethesda, has been an internationally known gambling figure for 40 years. He had long been identified in local police files as the suspected ‘godfather’ of bookmaking and other gaming action is [sic] and around Washington.

    "With an arrest record spanning four decades. Nesline has been charged with bribery and bootlegging as well as gambling. He was convicted of carrying a deadly weapon in the fatal shooting of a man at point-blank range in an after-hours club in 1951." (The Washington Post, 1/26/78)

  • The deal with Nesline, which fell through, was worth $85 million.

  • "A search warrant for Nesline’s apartment in a Landow-owned high-rise in Bethesda, The Promenade, netted plans for a 1,000-room, $85 million Atlantic City hotel and casino project that Landow had intended to build with Nesline’s guidance." (The Washington Post, 8/24/80)
  • Another potential deal pursued by Nesline and Landow consisted of a hotel-casino on St. Maarten island in the Caribbean. Edward Cellini, brother of mob associate Dino Cellini, was also involved.

  • "The proposed Atlantic City hotel-casino project, which never reached fruition because of financial problems, was not the only gambling venture in which Nesline had been involved with Landow. Also found in the raid on Nesline’s apartment was a large color photograph of an architectural rendering for another proposed hotel-casino deal on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten’s in which Nesline was acting as a middleman.

    "Involved in the St. Maarten’s venture were Landow and Edward Celini, a brother of Dino Cellini, a former associate of organized crime figure Meyer Lansky. Edward Cellini formerly ran the Paradise Island casino operation in Nassau, the Bahamas for Resorts International, but he was let go." (The Washington Post, 1/26/78)

  • Landow was also involved with Anthony Plate, an associate of the Gambino Mafia family. Plate owned a 25 percent stake in Quaker Masonry, a firm in which Landow served as vice president and director.

  • "They [officers of the Montgomery County’s (Md.) organized crime section] learned from Florida police that Ln-dow [sic] had a financial interest in a now defunct corporation whose concealed owners allegedly included an identified member of the Carlo Gambino Mafia ‘family.’"

    "The business involvement of Landow’s that originally attracted the attention of Montgomery County’s organized crime unit was an investment in Quaker Masonry Inc., a firm that had offices in Silver Spring and in Hollywood. Fla.

    "According to corporate records in Tallahassee, Landow was listed in 1972 as a vice president and director of Quaker Masonry.

    "Florida law enforcement authorities reported to other police agencies in October 1973 that Anthony Plate, known to them to be an associate of the Gambinos was believed to have a 25 percent interest in Quaker." (The Washington Post, 1/26/78)

  • 1982 - Landow and Sweetheart Real Estate Deals

    In the early 1980s, Landow became a beneficiary of an urban renewal land transfer from the federal government to the city government of the District of Columbia. The D.C. government, presided over by Democrat Mayor Marion Barry, seems to have awarded parcels of prime D.C. real estate to Democrat Party boosters. Landow obtained a parcel of downtown land for a third of its market value.

  • "In the late 1970s an estimated $100 million in federal property was transferred to the D.C. government. The RLA [Washington, D.C. Redevelopment Land Agency] was put in charge of selling the transferred property, as well as other tracts already owned by the city."

    "The General Accounting Office (GAO) was openly critical of the RLA in 1982, charging that city property (much of it a gift from the Federal Government) was being sold for bargain-basement prices, often to political friends of the mayor [Marion Barry]. In March of that year, a GAO report criticized the RLA for failing to have clear criteria for determining ‘why one developer is selected over another.’ Some transactions, said the report, give the appearance of a loosely run activity, and, as a result, much controversy exists concerning the sale of urban renewal property, sales prices, and selection of developers.’ Nathan Landow, for example, a prominent Democratic Party fundraiser, paid less than one-third the market price for a piece of downtown real estate he purchased from the RLA in early 1982." (emphasis added) (National Review, 6/24/91)

  • Courtesy: Republican National Committee

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